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Passionate for learning, dedicated to excellence
Teacher And Pupils Using Wooden Shapes In Montessori School

Our Mission

By modeling transparency, accountability, and the mastery of site-management logistics, we will provide unparalleled levels of security to the children, teachers, and staff in our school. We will aspire, over the next 10 years, to make them “paralleled,” for the love of ALL our country’s children and families. More simply put, we keep your children SAFER than other sites can, and we can SHOW YOU how we do it! By modeling healthy habits and choices, we will help our community of children achieve success by our definition: HAPPINESS!

Our Academy

Utilizing the discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori, we here at Martin Montessori Academy are bent on creating a learning environment that stays true to the nature of children. We understand the potential of each child. As such, we take on the role of their main supervisors to help them utilize this potential to become the individuals that they are supposed to be.

Our Principles

According to the principles of Montessori, there is a basic belief that children have the innate inclination to learning. In a research done by Dr. Maria Montessori back in 1907, she allowed children to undertake an independent learning system. In her observation, she was able to see that every child had basic qualities that made them adept for learning. As such, learning should never be imposed on a child; rather, children should be encouraged in their natural desire for learning. Children should never be forced to act or learn a certain way. Through her discovery, Montessori schools emerged around the world.

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