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Promoting your child’s knowledge and safety

mother carrying an infant while her other kids busy playing

In our goal of creating a safe environment where children can learn, we provide different programs to meet the needs of children of varying ages. Our programs are carefully planned out to promote a child’s capacity for self-learning. Staying true to the principles established by Dr. Montessori, we understand the necessity of allowing a child to freely learn. As such, the staff members do not interfere with this natural inclination. In fact, the teachers are present to better stimulate a child for learning.

The learning materials we provide are carefully planned out. These are designed with the different cognitive milestones in mind. With our learning materials, kids can learn to be independent and creative in their self-learning.

Among our focus areas are music and movement as these are the cornerstones of our programming. In addition to the physical aspect, we also focus on sign language, Spanish, and yoga. Not only that, we have an entertaining science and math curriculum to help nurture the children’s minds and bodies.

The materials we have cater to the different capacities of children. It provides children with the appropriate knowledge that they are able to handle at their age. The different programs we offer are:

If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our programs, visit our enrollment page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.