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Caring for your children around the clock

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As a part of our extended care program, we here at Martin Montessori Academy offer before and after school learning programs. Given the busy schedules of some parents, the program we offer is more flexible to a parent’s day. Children can be dropped in our center as early as 7:30 A.M. During this time, a child can already begin different learning activities. They are also given time to interact with their classmates. This kind of interaction is beneficial for a child’s growth. They are able to learn from different children who are also in their own paths of learning.

Additionally, we also care for children beyond the regular class hours. Children can stay in our Montessori school until dinnertime. This does not only benefit the hectic schedules of parents, but it also benefits the child’s learning. It is in the nature of children to seek new learning at all times. With the company they have within the school from the early to the late hours, parents can ensure that the learning experience of their children is always at a maximum.

The before and after school programs we offer are also in line with the principles discovered by Dr. Montessori. As such, even in these programs, we make sure that each child is encouraged to seek out their own path towards growth.

If you have any questions regarding the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than thrilled to assist you with your inquiries.