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Fostering the love for learning in children
kids raising their hands

Through our evening and weekend childcare program, we allow nature to work in the lives of the young children under our care. Considering that childhood from birth to the age of three is the period where the brain develops rapidly, learning during this time is a lot easier. As such, it is important to utilize this time to provide children with various skills they need to learn. Childcare is a good time to prepare children for the formative years of education.

In the environment we offer your children, we ensure that the nature of children to seek out active learning will be promoted. With our programs every evening and during weekends, we provide continuity to your child’s learning. This way, we remove the hindrances and barriers to your children’s learning. We understand the necessity of creating. Our teachers will be present to help them enhance and stimulate their desire to learn. To cater to the busy schedules of the parents, we also offer overnight care.

If you’re looking to see how we do things in our school, feel free to contact us to set an appointment. We’d be more than happy to show you around.