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Guiding your child through development

baby sitter having fun with an infant

The infant years are one of the most crucial years in a child’s life. During this phase, children are supposed to encounter several developmental milestones. As such, during this age, a child should be given a proper guide in their developmental growth. The infant program we have created is specially designed to cater to infants undergoing their first major development phase. Our trained staff members are capable of guiding infants so that they may utilize their natural inclination to learning. By stimulating the children, our educators here at Martin Montessori Academy encourage children to pursue their natural inclination to learning.

Through our infant care programs, the quick development of children will be visible. Children, at a young age, will be given the opportunity to develop their sense of independence and decision-making. Ultimately, the environment we foster, the natural inclination of a child to wonder, explore, and discover will be cultivated. This leads to holistic child growth.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our infant care program,fill out the form in our enrollment section. We will contact you regarding updates in your child’s enrollment.