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Establishing a child’s basic skills

happy little child learning and having fun together with teacher

In our primary program for children in kindergarten, we take into account the nature of learning and the learning capacity of children. During this stage, children have absorbent minds that are quick to adapt and learn from their environment. Learning becomes effortless for these children. That is why it is important to utilize this stage so that children may quickly and easily learn the concepts they need to understand for later life.

With the assistance and supervision of our teachers, the children are given the chance to learn for themselves based on their present-moment interest. They are given a brief, objective, and concrete lessons with hands-on self-teaching materials that are specially designed to promote the children’s natural inclination to learning.

At the same time, our teachers here at Martin Montessori Academy make sure that our pupils are always safe in their learning process. With our supervision and video observation, we make parents well aware of the activities their children have throughout the day. We make sure that we are transparent and accountable in the learning service we provide.

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