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Making sure that learning never stops
kids clapping their hands

Our summer camp program makes sure that even during the school break, the learning and skill-building of your children do not stagnate. A lot of times, parents just leave their children doing nothing during school breaks. Because of this, children often become bored in their homes with nothing to do. Although giving children a chance to have a break from school is beneficial, allowing them to be unproductive is not. There are many more relaxing and fun ways to spend the summer break.

With our teachers here at Martin Montessori Academy, we will make sure that your children have a productive summer break. By staying true to the nature of children, we try to foster their natural desire to learn. We provide them with specially designed materials that can stimulate their minds for learning. At the same time, we make sure that they are well supervised so that they may have request assistance if they need it.

You can be confident that in our institution your child will be safe throughout their journey through learning.

If you are interested in our class schedules, please feel free to browse through our schedule page. This way, you can be well-informed about your child’s day-to-day activities.