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Partnering with you in your child’s growth

toddlers with kindergarten teacher playing with montessori material

The toddler phase of the development process is one of the most delicate stages in Early Childhood Education. It is where children first learn several basic concepts that will serve as foundations for their later years. As such, it is important that they remain well-guided throughout the whole process. Given our understanding of the importance of this stage, we have specially designed our toddler care program.

The toddler program we provide assists both the child and parent in transitioning through the infancy stage. In this program, the care given by our teachers and the involvement of the parents go hand-in-hand. Considering that teaching a child is a never-ending work, we make sure that even the parents are well aware of the proper way to interact with their children. This way, our teachers here at Martin Montessori Academy and the parents become partners in a child’s growth. Staying true to the nature of children as first discovered by Dr. Montessori, our toddler program is specially designed to guide children through their personal path towards development.

We here at Martin Montessori Academy make sure that the care we provide is modeled after the guidance that your children need. If you are interested in the toddler program we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to becoming your partner in your child’s development.

If you want to know more about our activities, view our photo gallery! This way you can better understand the kind of learning program we provide our pupils.