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GORDON, Founder and Director

Since its inception, Martin Montessori Academy has been a leader in “safety-based technology deployment”. We regularly seek out new ways to create a safer, more engaging learning environment for your children! “Mr. Gordon is now the preschool administrator and the garbage man. If you ever catch him forgetting to put a new liner in the garbage can, let everyone know. He has 5 minutes to do so. If he doesn’t, he has to get a tattoo!”

Not only that, Gordon is also an all-around individual that dedicated his talents to education. He has experience in different fields such as realty and software sales. He is also a self-taught computer programmer for preschools. From 2001 to 2014, he served as the instructor of the Bootcamp for new dads at Morton Plant Hospital. When it comes to sleep issues for children, he is an expert. “We know how to get 12 children sleeping simultaneously with EASE!”

A proud father, a pretty good boyfriend, and a loyal individual, Gordon can always be counted on in helping families through Early Childhood Education.

“Not many people would call me OCD, but almost ALL of the parents at Martin Montessori Academy would openly attest to the fact that I obsess when it comes to the safety of the children. As a matter of fact, one of the things that I do BEST, is to figure out new and exciting ways to leverage technology in a way that helps my staff keep the children safe and it also allows us to implement an amazing curriculum, AND communicate with parents in an unprecedented, revolutionary way!”
– Gordon

Gordon was:

  • A Realtor
  • In software sales
  • The instructor of the Bootcamp for New Dads program at Morton Plant Hospital from 2001 to 2014. AMAZING CLASS!

Gordon is:

  • An EXPERT when it comes to sleep issues for children. “We know how to get 12 children sleeping simultaneously with EASE!”
  • A self-taught computer programmer for preschools. Client base of 1, so far!
  • A pretty good boyfriend, very loyal and ALWAYS WORKING ON getting better!
  • A rabid tennis player (one full level past avid).



Rosemarie Beahm is beyond thrilled to be working alongside Gordon and the other wonderful teachers at Martin Montessori Academy. She loves providing children within the community an outstanding Early Childhood Education.

As a provider in a Montessori Family Child Care environment, she implements fresh and creative ways to develop the child’s inner ability to learn, while establishing a positive sense of self.

Rose graduated from the University of Tampa with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She also aspires to get her master’s degree in early childhood counseling. Rosemarie’s passion for caring for children came early in life when she herself was learning from the best, her mom, who also owned and operated a nursery school/preschool for 16 years. Rosemarie has since been a child advocate in Hillsborough County, a nanny, a coach for young gymnasts’, and a camp counselor in NY (her home state) where she led young campers. For Rosemarie, helping children grow and achieve their own greatness is fulfillment for a lifetime.

“Rose is my Lead Teacher. I’ve complete confidence in her abilities as an amazing teacher for the children, and also a role model and mentor for the other teachers. I’m excited about what the near future holds, as we offer MORE care and coverage to the families of our community!” – Gordon Martin, Owner (September 2019).
“Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way! – Oh, The Places You Will Go!” – Dr. Seuss



Alissa is an alumna of Maryville University in St. Louis Missouri. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is looking forward to furthering her education in order to support her teaching career. Alissa has always had a love for helping others learn and accomplish their goals. This love of teaching started at an early age when she would prop her baby sister up in pillows to playschool. Alissa loves to see the look in a child’s eyes when they first learn something new. She believes in the importance of creating a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for children to build confidence, positive self-image, and strong character values at a young age. She is grateful for the opportunity to assist Gordon with his vision for early childhood education at Martin Montessori Academy. Thrilled to encourage bright futures ahead, Alissa is one of our staff that is dedicated to building a foundation for children here at Martin Montessori Academy.



Davinia first started a business at the age of 12, babysitting 4 children, ages 8, 4, 2, and 9 months old. This is when she first learned of and developed her love for educating children. Since then, she has greatly contributed to Early Childhood Education. She created and implemented the first non-violent conflict resolution curriculum in the Oakland Unified School district in California. She also worked hands-on with children aged 2 months old to 18 years old in a Domestic Violence shelter as a Children’s Coordinator. Working with children from all backgrounds, ethnicity’s and ages has always been rewarding to Davinia.

Currently, Davinia has 3 children of her own and 2 grandchildren! Davi has a love for seeing children happy, safe, and having fun while always learning.

“I love that ALL of my teachers have good hearts. I know that may sound a bit basic, but to me, there is nothing more effective for the education of children than having genuine people love and care for the children they are responsible for”. –Mr. Gordon



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