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Martin Montessori is more than a safe, caring environment for our son, it is the foundation for his education and future. Gordon’s extreme knowledge of child development married with an obvious calling, create the “village” we are so often seeking when raising children. They are up to date with technology and communication. All my questions are answered before I ever ask! The staff is consistent and I am always greeted with a smile. Gordon helped me sleep train my child in less than one week working together maintaining consistency and very few tears! I’m so thankful he had a spot for our almost one year old. I cannot say enough about how positive this experience has been.
Angela Rossi
Gordon and his team provide a caring environment where we feel comfortable leaving our son. And we absolutely love that we can peek in throughout the day to see what activities they’re doing!
Megan Tolliver
Having the ability to check in on my child anytime throughout the day on a phone app is the BEST peace of mind for a new mommy.
At Martin Montessori Academy, you know your child is truly cared about and nurtured. Gordon is so attentive and involved, your child will feel at home.
There is nothing more important than my daughter’s happiness and development during his care. His constant dedication to the children is evidenced by how much time and energy he spends every day on each child at Martin Montessori Academy. There is no greater feeling than leaving your child with someone you fully trust!