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Be hands-on in your child’s supervision

portrait of happy school children standing in classroom

After more than three years, we’ve learned the extra value of having cameras on-site and working for your children. For you, this means that you can visit anytime. Do you have 3 minutes before your next meeting starts? 15 minutes before you have to be back from a lunch break? Whenever you have a moment to spare, grab your smartphone, tablet, or computer and with your username and password, log in to see and hear your child! Shouldn’t this be the standard these days? For us, it means that we can be outside in the backyard playing while listening to visitors arriving at the front door. A child can spend some time away from the main group doing a quiet activity and still be supervised. Ultimately, it equates to more safety for your child and more security for the school.

Check on your children in the following areas:

We also have media resources that showcase our different activities. Feel free to scroll through our pictures and watch our videos to know more about what your child does in school!